Audio is about transparency.  When the audience can forget that they’re listening to anything, they find themselves within the story.

My name is Adam, and that is the philosophy I approach my work from.  I live & operate in Vancouver, BC and have worked professionally as an Audio Engineer for 4 years  The Sonic Root represents my appreciation for audio that sounds natural; and my deeply rooted love for the earth.  What I love most about my craft is helping producers and creators of all sorts increase the impact of their media by ensuring that the audio sounds clean, smooth, and authentic.

My career has awarded me a wealth of experience in both studio and location recording, as well as post-production techniques that breathe life into music & film.If you’re interested in turning your media into an experience for your audience hit the contact button and let’s chat about the possibilities!

In Gratitude & Growth

Location Recording

Ensuring that the sound of a performance is recorded with integrity is critical.  I take pride in conducting quality recordings on location for film and music

Foley & Sound Design

Capture the audience in your world.  Allow them to become part of your story aurally and emotionally.

Post-Audio Mixing

Our aural world is seamlessly dynamic.  A great mix reflects this to give media an impact that feels as smooth and authentic as life itself

Audio Restoration

Location recording environments can be hostile, luckily we have an arsenal of tools that can restore your audio to a focused and intimate state.

Satisfied Producers

I look forward to hearing from you!

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